Adding Facebook Icon to Zen Cart

To add Faceook Icon to right side of template page, edit the tpl_main_page.php located in includes/templates/template_default/common/ directory.

It can be added right below the following comments:

  * prepares and displays right column sideboxes

mysql how to add an Id column using auto increment

alter table tablename add column id int auto_increment primary key;

uppercase first character of every word in string

php string function


How to uppercase first letter in each word

php function  ucfirst();

how to copy files in php - the copy() function

copy(”originalfile.php”, “newfile.php”);

How to lower case a column in mysql

update cityfn set city = LOWER(city);

How to remove characters or string from a mysql table

update tablename set column_name = replace(column_name, ‘find string to replace’, ‘replace with this string’);

Forr example, if you have asterisks in your data you want to delete:

update cities set city = replace(city, ‘*’, ”);

How to copy records back into original table

insert into oldtable select * from newtable;

how to delete duplicate rows in mysql

create table newtable as
select * from oldtable where 1 group by [specific column];

How to delete rows containing specific text string in a Mysql database

“delete from tablename where columnname like ‘%text to match%’; 

Make sure you know the text is contained in only the rows you want to delete otherwise MySQL may delete other database rows you didn’t want deleted